POC Sports Announced as Equipment Partner of Gino Bartali Youth Leadership School

 Gino Bartali Youth Leadership School announces an equipment partnership with the Swedish sports brand POC Sports. The recently opened school offers a unique opportunity for student athletes to develop their cycling skills and study in an international education environment while promoting the legacy of Gino Bartali. 

“As a Swedish company with a clear mission, to ‘protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and anyone inspired to be one’, POC is extremely proud to help support, protect and inspire the young leaders of the future. However, their respective talents might manifest – be that in sport, industry, politics or wherever their passions lead them – we are excited to join their journey at the Gino Bartali Youth Leadership School,” said Cam Whiting, POC Sports.

Gino Bartali Youth Leadership School is founded on the principle that sport can impact and change society, educate youth and offer an enriching atmosphere.  The mission of the program is to bridge cultural divides and celebrate diversity by bringing youth of all cultures, religions and backgrounds together in one unique program with cycling as the common thread. The students have an educational focus on core curriculum and building leadership skills while developing their cycling talent. Sport offers a platform to learn critical life skills, team mental and acceptance of individuals.

"We are extremely grateful for this wonderful new partnership that we are launching today with POC. This partnership truly means a lot for us, as it demonstrates POC's belief in the unique mission of the Gino Bartali School and their big effort to help it grow much further. We are eager to have such a quality helmet and sunglasses sponsor, keeping us safe and cool-looking simultaneously and we thank POC for the opportunity,” said Ran Margaliot, Founder of the Gino Bartali School.

The Gino Bartali School athletes and staff will be using the POC Octal helmets and POC's Do-Blade sunglasses.

The first of its kind school is in its inaugural year of activity offers boys and girls ages 13-17 years old a boarding school program that is dedicated to both talent development in multiple cycling disciplines as well as development of leadership skills through cycling. The balance of sport and education serves as a way for students to tie the skills of sport with the lessons of the classroom, building life skills to be applied in all facets and aspects of their education and careers.  

"Some medals are pinned to your soul, not to your jacket."  — Gino Bartali