Gino Bartali Youth Leadership School is founded on the principle that sport can change society, educate youth and offer an enriching atmosphere. The mission of the program is to bridge cultural divides and celebrate diversity by bringing youth of all cultures, religions and backgrounds together in one unique program. The Gino Bartali Youth Leadership School develops cycling skills and cultivates a love of bicycle riding. In tandem with athletic development, the center teaches essential life skills: determination, self-discipline, focus, teamwork and leadership to empower the youth of today.

The center creates and activates a resonating and impactful platform to inspire and motivate beyond sports to a worldwide audience. The Gino Bartali Youth Leadership School fosters a message that celebrates and promotes the Bartali legacy of doing good, for good’s sake.

"Some medals are pinned to your soul, not to your jacket."  — Gino Bartali 

Gino Bartali Youth Leadership School is continuing on the path forged by Gino Bartali.

Through a first of its kind boarding school curriculum, cycling and leadership training are combined for Students as powerful tools for multicultural pluralism, understanding and non-violence conflict resolution in society. 

To be a leader one must understand what being a leader means, develop the skill set necessary and practice those skills. School students are required to assume increasingly responsible roles as a means of demonstrating and developing their leadership and serve as a role model for others. Students are selected from applicants from around Israel after a series of rigorous training camps.