Cycling as an Educational Platform

The program takes young athletes on a multi-year journey which includes, apart from an intensive cycling training regime, an educational program focused on leadership skills. The youth, who come from different social backgrounds and speak different languages, are brought together to live under the same roof as part of our goal of bridging social gaps. 

 The students live at the school full time, following a first of its kind curriculum, combining cycling training and leadership studying.

Using methods of experiential learning, the students get to learn powerful tools for multicultural pluralism, respect, understanding, and non-violent conflict resolution in society.

From their first days at the school, the students are given self-management tasks that develop their self-discipline as well as their resourcefulness and sense of responsibility. Through a structured process, the students face increasing challenges both on their bikes and off. An individual development path is created for each of the students which includes both their cycling and personal leadership training plans.

Through volunteer activities at the School and in the community, we nurture the idea of giving back and driving change as a way of life for the students.  


Cycling Benefits Received from the School

In addition to the Educational benefits, each Student receives from the Gino Bartali Youth Leadership School:  

Cycling Equipment: Bikes for each discipline, helmet, shoes, apparel, mechanical service, supplies.

Professional Coaching and Athletic Guidance: Our full time coaching staff is present at all training sessions, focusing specific individual and team training.

Athlete support includes: Sport-specific mental coaching, strength and conditioning, training plans, sport nutrition guidance and race assistance in an ethical and supportive environment. 

Bike Training Disciplines: Mountain-Bike, Cyclo-Cross, Track, Road

School Training Sessions: 

MTB and CX 4 times/week
Gym 2 times/week
Track 1 time/week
Road 1 time/week
15 races and training camps around Israel during the 2020-2021 season.


Online International Application for 2020/2021 is open.

Online International Application for 2020/2021 is open: