Gino Bartali Youth Leadership School develops multi-disciplinary cycling skills and builds out a structured long-term training program, individual to each athlete set in a multicutural learning environment.

The curriculum focuses on developing skills in cycling disciplines:
• Mountain Biking
• Road Cycling
• Track Cycling (Velodrome)

The program takes young athletes on a multi-year journey which includes, apart from an intensive cycling training regime, an educational program focused on leadership skills. The youth, who come from different social backgrounds and speak different languages, are brought together to live under the same roof as part of our goal of bridging social gaps. 

The program includes accredited personalized coaching and athletic guidance including nutrition, sports mental coaching, strength and conditioning development as well  as comprehensive training plans and goal setting for every athlete.

Each athlete receives full board accommodation, educational support, health insurance and medical support, all covered by a special grant by the Ministry of Education.

All cycling related needs including bikes, helmet, apparel, cycling accessories and mechanical service are provided.


The Ben Shemen Youth Village, located in the center of Israel, midway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and in close proximity to Ben Gurion airport, is also adjacent to the Ben Shemen Forest, the Israeli cycling “Mecca”.

Formed in 1927, Ben Shemen Youth Village has a profound and impressive heritage. Ben Shemen is renowned for its long tradition of student centered education and its graduates have gone on to become prominent contributors to society both in Israel and abroad.


Online International Application for 2020/2021 is open.

Online International Application for 2020/2021 is open:




During 2019/202, the students will compete in a total of 15 races around Israel. Also the students will take part in numerous challenge rides including a climb up the Hermon Mountain and a multi-day "team building" ride.


Team atmosphere is important in the growth and enrichment of the athletes. While each athlete will have their own individual race and athletic goals, the program will formulate team goals for each competition to build leadership skills.

In the Tire Tracks of Bartali 

The program will build in a goal of participating in the 2020 Bartali 180 and ride together as a team the legendary route from Florence to Assisi which Bartali used while risking his life to save Italy Jews during World War II.